The "How" "What" "Why" of Painting

Our act of painting progresses,  not only in technical accomplishment

but in the depth of it's meaning until it often becomes a profound statement

of universal and ineffable truths.

It can move from a simple copy of a natural or found object,

into the realm of "ideas" or of a "concept".

A new painter often sees the paintings they are making as hobby,  an interesting and challenging

pastime that they have longed to pursue after the stresses of family and jobs has lessened.

So we take classes,  go to critique groups and we practice.

We get better.

We have good teachers and we learn new and challenging techniques.

Finally we get to the place when we actually paint something we like!

What is it? A landscape,  a figure,  a still life arrangement of flowers,  an abstract?

And it is well done.

How do we go beyond this?

What then?

We can begin to paint an "idea" or a "concept".

We can begin to paint the "why".

An "idea" has no image,  but we can create metaphors;

visual symbols to express this  "idea or concept".

When we begin to paint an "idea or concept" the paintings become more purposeful and passionate.

Our marks communicate more meaning.

Our shapes become symbols infused with spiritual energy.

One's painting changes from a mere hobby to an actual and real statement to our world.

To view the paintings you make is to see,  revealed to all,

your unique,  personal and rare images,  which stand alone as YOU!

Simply amazing!

What a wonder to be YOU!!

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