Overnight, tomorrow.

Let's look at our painting tomorrow.

Let's seen what the night brings.

What does the night bring?  Rest, dreams, a synthesis of the mental and physical activities of the day.

And a new light, a dim light; the early morning light.

Things look differently in the morning.

The shapes, colors revealing exactly "what" the painting is meaning.

What is the language of those shapes and colors?

Can you read it anew in the early morning light?

And what is it telling you today?

Hidden secrets, now revealed; the painting's symbolic language has been translated overnight by

one's own dreams, visions and subconscious!!

What a revelation!  Yesterday's insolvable problems can really be solved!

Ideas pile on top of one another!

A color here, a change of shape, more lines here, lighter on the top, darker on the side,

find some new references, redo this drawing!

One goes on painting day after day and the visual book and essay is written!

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